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Topsail Island Is the Gem of the Coast

Pier At DuskI’m sure you’ve heard by now that the spirit of the great state of North Carolina resides on the 26-mile barrier island named Topsail. This is an area that has been and continues to be the crown jewel of the Carolinian coast. Those that visit as tourists inevitably return as home buyers and permanent residents. Its charms are unrivaled.



A Throwback to the Future of North Carolina

As you enter Topsail Island, what you’ll immediately be impressed by is its uncanny ability to hold firm to the soul of small town America. Neighbors will wave. Local stores remain quaint and personable. Children scurry about playfully enjoying their afternoons. It’s certainly a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the big city and that’s exactly what will attract you.

The amazing talent of Topsail Island to marry this with current development that drives the area’s future can’t be stated enough. With new developments sprouting all around as well on Oceanfront, Second Row, Interior Island, Canal Front, and Deep Water Sound (just to name a few), it’s clear this is the place to be. All that’s missing is you.

The hub of the area is the incomparable Surf City which is flanked by Topsail and North Topsail beaches. This is where you’ll find all of the great Southern cuisine, boutiques, specialty shops, and water activities. It’s definitely named “surf city” for a reason. Whether it’s catching some waves, boating, jet skiing, etc, you’ll have tons of fun just enjoying the Atlantic Ocean.

When you’re ready to stretch your legs, a simple scamper down the US 17 Corridor will reveal to you major retailers that remind you of the expansive growth in Topsail. Relax at the piers, hit the biking trails, or take in some miniature golf with the loved ones. So many options and so much time. The pace of living here is slowed just enough to help you love life and embrace every minute of it.

Don’t Wait Another Minute To Spoil Yourself

Others aren’t waiting to make Topsail home and neither should you. One visit is all it takes. You deserve the best and that’s exactly what this area gives you. The sunset is calling. Chase it to Topsail Island. See you soon.

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One thought on “Topsail Island Is the Gem of the Coast

  1. Just wait till they put that new bridge in. Slowly will attract more and more big business and push the mom and pops out. Tax increases ect getting crazy. Love the island, leave it alone. Keep the swingbridge.

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