What repairs and upgrades are best when selling your home?

No Overhaul Needed!

When deciding to sell your home, there are many issues that should be considered. It is not just simply putting a sign in your front yard. There are many aspects to successfully selling a home, especially in today’s market. The appropriate approach will decide whether your home gets sold or remains stale on the market. One of the biggest questions that home owners will ask is what should I do to prepare my home for the market. There are many steps that should be taken to prepare your home, but one of the issues that could possibly save you time and money is knowing what needs to be fixed or upgraded versus what should just be left alone.

It is a common misplaced idea today that you should overhaul your house to get the best selling price possible. This often leads to disasters. Any major overhaul or remodel on your home right before it is set to go on the market will probably not yield as much return as one would like to hope for. Even though you see shows on television that tell you to do this or do that, there are much simpler steps to updating your home without gutting your kitchen. Understandably there are sometimes issues that need to be attended to, however, if your home is in good working order, major overhauls could end up costing you a lot of money in the end. Here are some things that can be done that don’t cost as much but will allow your home to have a fresh feel.

  1. One of the biggest changes that will make your home more attractive to the buyer’s eye is a fresh coat of paint. It is an easy task that does not cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It is quick, and it is a perfect DIY project for any home owner who wants to give there home a fresh, clean, and newer appearance.

  2. Want your kitchen or bathroom to look more attractive try replacing the hardware, cabinets hardware, door handles, perhaps install a nice shower head or newer faucet. These small changes make a really big difference in the total overall appearance.

  3. Replace or clean curtains or window treatments, don’t keep dusty curtains for all to see. Clean them up and rehang them. If they are not in good condition go out and find an inexpensive replacement. No one wants to move a curtain out of the way to look out the window and have dust fall on them.

  4. Fix anything that is broken! Small repairs such as a leaky faucet, loose power outlet, torn window screen should be fixed or replaced, this little maintenance issue can be a problem for you when a buyer is looking for any reason to bargain.

  5. Clean your house, the simple act of cleaning your house can also make a big difference. When a buyer walks in they are wanting to feel a sense of home and comfort. Most are not looking for places that they will have to go in and clean, repair, and replace. They are looking for somewhere they can move their things into and begin living. If you don’t take this extra step, then as soon as the buyers walk in, thoughts of “all the work “ involved start flowing through there minds. Not to mention they will think that normal maintenance on the home must have been lacking since no one took the time to simply just clean.

These are just a few of the many important things that you can do to make your home more desirable to the current home buyer. You want them to walk into your home and begin imagining where they are going to put their couch, or what painting they want to hang on that freshly painted wall. These are the feelings you want the home buyer to feel when they walk in the door. You can help this process by following the appropriate steps so that your home will be the home they want to buy. In this ever changing market, it is important that you the home owner do all that you need to get the best price for your home, without having to lose out in the end.

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