Seasonal Fan Adjustment

In colder months, do you use your ceiling fan the right way? Most homes in the Jacksonville NC area use heat pumps to heat and cool their homes, so it is important that the warm air from your heat pump is evenly distributed in the winter time.

In the summer they can provide cooling breezes, but during winter they can also assist in circulating warm air through your home. The trick is understanding the switch on the fan which controls the direction of the fan blades:

During the SUMMER months, the standard setting of COUNTERCLOCKWISE provides cooling down drafts.

During the WINTER months, the reverse setting of CLOCKWISE creates an opposing updraft, which redistributes the warm air which rises to the top of the room.

By pulling cooler air up from the ground, the warm air is more efficiently distributed throughout the home.

You may have a wall switch with controls fan direction, but most ceiling fans have a simple toggle-switch which controls the direction of the fan’s motor.

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