Why Your House Isn’t Selling in Jacksonville NC

It never ceases to amaze me – a house is being marketed properly, it is priced right, but the sellers are basically running buyers away. Proper marketing and pricing are designed to generate buyer calls and showings, but if the house is saying “stay away” – the seller can only expect a longer than normal time to sell it.

With the average homeowner paying a mortgage payment (PITI) between $1000 and $1500 per month, it makes sense to spend at least one month’s mortgage payment to make your house more attractive to the buyers visiting your home.

What are some low cost changes you can make without spending a bunch of money?

1) Make sure their first impressions are good – what are the first things people see?

  • Front yard, driveway, sidewalk –  front yard needs to be mowed, edged, weeds pulled, re-seed any bare spots
  • Front of house – exterior walls, windows, and front door painted
  • Front door and door bell – Door handle attractive with door bell and locks working properly

2) Don’t make Buyers wonder – let them see it with no imagination:

  • fresh coat of paint to cover any color that is not neutral
  • things should be picked up, with no clutter in your rooms or closets
  • kitchen sinks should be spotless, countertops should be clean with no clutter
  • eliminate any pet odors, remove pet bedding from house
  • replace all the light bulbs so things are brighter

3) Show off your house – not your possessions

  • remove as much personal items as possible from walls and each room
  • remove half the  furniture and store it in the garage or better – off-premises

4) Show off your house – not your personal life

  • Remove your hunting trophies, personal awards, family pictures, etc.
  • Let them imagine it being their home, not yours

Focus on these items to ensure your house shows well – concentrate on the less expensive items to start with and start with the front of the house and work your way to the back.  All of these suggestions will probably cost less than $1,000 and will increase your chances of selling your house.

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