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Are You a Smart Home Seller?

What Smart Home Sellers Are Seeking in a Jacksonville Real Estate Agent

Smart Jacksonville home sellers know exactly what they want in a real estate agent when they are embarking on the home selling process. Here are some of the options that home sellers are seeking when selling their property.

Regular Communication

Home sellers want periodic updates about the status of their home, and want to hear from the real estate agent they have listed with. Weekly communication is absolutely essential, whether it’s in the form of feedback from showings, marketing updates, or strategy meetings.

Easy-to-Exit Contract

House keys next to home selling contractIf you’re not satisfied with a real estate company as a home seller, 12-month or even 6-month contracts are a nightmare. Smart home sellers value their time and money, so they’ll seek out short-term listing contracts that they can easily terminate.

Quick Home Sale Guarantee

The last thing you want as a home seller is watching your home sit idly on the market for several months. When life is moving quickly and you need to sell your home just as fast, you want a real estate agent who can help you sell your home in a reasonable time.

How about within 89 days?

Ability to Save Money

The home selling process can be expensive. There are the expenses that come with boosting your curb appeal, staging your home, requesting a home inspection, moving to a new home, you name it. Some home sellers opt to sell the property themselves to save money.

In rare cases, real estate agents offer a FSBO program that allows home sellers to benefit from listing their home without paying the commission fee if the sellers find a buyer. At Home Search Real Estate, we provide FSBO services — at no cost.

Sell Your Home With the Home Search Real Estate Team

We guarantee that smart Jacksonville home sellers will be satisfied with their home selling process.

Download our e-book guide about selling your home for more money, which includes success stories and price negotiating tips, or schedule a listing appointment.

Let’s talk about selling your home together.


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