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Mistake #3: Selecting your agent the week you arrive.

Now that you know 2 mistakes smart home buyers never make, here’s the third mistake to avoid:

So, you are PCSing to the Camp Lejeune or New River Air Station, which gives you a small window of time to house hunt. If you decide to visit the Jacksonville area to make your decision, you need to be ready to find that perfect  place to call home instead of wasting time trying to find a Real Estate Agent, that not only knows Jacksonville NC neighborhoods & market trends, but understands the unique time restraints military personnel operate under.

When’s the best time to select your Jacksonville real estate agent? The moment you receive your orders. Already have your orders? Then you need an agent now!

Having an agent on your team BEFORE you arrive can help you find some of the best homes on the market that meet all of your needs. That way when you arrive for your Jacksonville House Hunting Trip, you’re looking at this short list of homes immediately, not trying to figure out what agent is best, but someone you have been talking to, emailing, and texting with, who knows what you are looking for and has these homes ready for you to view the moment you get here.

Until our next “5 Mistakes Smart Homebuyers Never Make” email, take a moment to stop by and fill out our Home Wish List™. Doing so will ensure you get the most out of your JHHT.

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