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5 Mistakes Smart Buyers Don’t Make

Mistake #1: Assuming your current hometown market conditions are going to be the same in the Jacksonville NC real estate market.
Since you may be selling a home when you move to Jacksonville, you might think that market trends are probably the same in Jacksonville. That’s not necessarily so. Markets vary greatly from state to state and city to city.
Jacksonville NC is a dynamic real estate market, and currently we are experiencing a strong buyer’s market with most existing homes, while the new home market is very strong. Many buyers come into Jacksonville NC area thinking the builders are having to reduce prices to sell their homes, but this is not true.

Builders are not building alot of “spec” homes, so there is not alot of inventory just sitting vacant – most are sold before they are finished. If a home is finshed and has been completed for more than 60 days, then the builder has more incentive to be flexible, but even then, they are more likely to add in upgrades, rather than reduce price – because reducing price affects the pricing of other homes they are selling.
These market conditions can be to your advantage, though! You may find an existing home to be a better buy than a new home, especially if you are looking for mature trees, fenced-in yard, established landscaping, etc. With the guidance of our experienced JHHT team, we can help you navigate this market and craft a winning offer for your perfect home in the Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune area.
Now that you know a little bit about the current Jacksonville NC real estate market conditions, I will be talking about the next mistake to avoid in a couple of days. It will help you avoid wasting your valuable time leading up to your possible JHHT.

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