Tips for Choosing a Reputable Remodeling Contractor

With the number of foreclosed or bank-owned properties floating around out there, I often speak with folks who are preparing to embark on a renovation project.Kitchen Remodel

Unfortunately, with a rise in remodeling comes a flood of disreputable contractors looking to cash in. I do my best to protect people by providing referrals to reputable contractors, but there are plenty of people out there I don’t get a chance to talk to.

If you know someone who is about to undertake a major renovation project, I urge you to share this excellent article published by the Federal Trade Commission, “Home Sweet Home Improvement.” It includes a PDF guide your friends and family will find helpful.

The guide covers:

*    The types of home improvement specialists
*    How disreputable contractors operate
*    Questions to ask contractors
*    How to check references
*    Understanding payment options
*    The “Home Improvement” loan scam
*    …and several other useful points

Here’s the link to the article on the FTC website:

You can also download the PDF file directly here

Do you need a referral to a contractor or two? Are you in the market for a property to fix-up and call your own (or use as an investment property)? I’d be happy to help.

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