Smart Seller Program – Four Smart Seller Guarantees

What Do Smart Sellers Look For?Selling Home in Jacksonville NC

When selling your home, you want results, you want flexibility, you want feedback, and you want to keep your costs low. That’s why I designed our Smart Seller Program with the following Four Smart Seller Guarantees:

Communication Guarantee – When selling your home, we understand that no one wants to be left in the dark about the status of their home. We know you want answers and updates so that you are aware of the ongoings involving your property. With that in mind, we guarantee that you’ll hear from us! We will communicate with you weekly, offering feedback from showings, giving you weekly marketing updates, and conducting strategy calls or meetings. If we are not communicating with you on a weekly basis, Fire Us! 100% Risk Free.

Easy Exit Guarantee – We know the last thing you want is to be stuck in some 6 or 12 month contract, with a real estate company that you are not satisfied with. This would just be a waste of your time and money, right? Therefore, we won’t make you sign any long term listing contracts. Instead, we provide you with a listing contract that has a no hassle, Risk Free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with us, and we cannot fix it within 24 hours, you can terminate your contract with us!

Performance Guarantee – Sometimes life changes, and selling your home fast becomes a top priority. Whether you are moving for a new job, to be closer to family, or whatever the reason, we are here to help! With our performance guarantee, we will sell your home in 89 days or less, or We Will Sell It Free! In other words, Guaranteed Sale within 89 days or I waive my commission– 100% Risk Free!

No Fee FSBO Guarantee – If you are trying to save money by selling your property yourself, you still can! If you sell your home before we do, you do not owe us a penny. We will list your home on the MLS as a regular listing, use the same lockboxes, signs and more. Then, if you find a buyer- you owe us nothing. If we find a buyer, you just pay the normal listing fee agreement.

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