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Home Buyers Checklist

As a first time home buyer it can often be overwhelming. Even if you have purchased a home before, the entire process may have changed and the industry can be somewhat different from the last time you purchased a house. Hopefully, with the guidance of a good realtor or real estate agent, and some insight […]

What Affects Your Credit Score?

With mortgage rates starting to rise and prices just about perfect for buying, I’ve had a lot of discussions lately with first-time home buyers about what it takes to get a loan these days at a good rate. Naturally, a good credit score is important. (Typically, we’re seeing the best rates for buyers with scores […]

How to Change Your Due Date

No, this isn’t a way for expectant mothers to move up the birth of their child. It’s an article that lets you know you can change the date your credit card payment is due each month, something not everybody knows. There are three dates, however, in each month that can’t be selected. Can you guess […]