Buyer wants to use Listing Agent to Save Money?

 Actually they won’t, because the Listing Agent represents the Seller and will try to get the Seller the most money possible for their   home. Which brings up the question, “why don’t you want to work with a Buyer’s Agent who will try to get you the home for the least amount of money possible?”

This seems to be a fairly common occurrence among Buyers who think they’re going to get a better deal because they’re working with  the Listing Agent. Or in some cases they think they’ll get some kind of kickback because they’re NOT using a Buyer’s Agent.

This isn’t how things work in the real market. In fact, if a Listing Agent were to lower their commission because the buyer came to them unrepresented, it would only  be a benefit to the Seller. If the Seller happens to bring a buyer the Seller would benefit again, because in this case the Listing Agent might lower their commission further because all they have really done up to this point may be to get the home listed on the MLS.

Even if the Listing Agent was to lower their commission (which doesn’t happen that often) this doesn’t change the price the Listing Agent is trying to get their Seller. If anything the Seller ends up with a little bit more money in their pocket. This is why a Listing Agent is not the agent that Buyers want to contact if they think they’re going to get a break on the price. Listing Agents represent the Seller and they are going to try to get the Seller the most money possible, NOT SAVE THE BUYER MONEY.

As for the Buyer’s side, the Buyer doesn’t even pay a commission, so it is hard to understand why a Buyer wouldn’t want to have a Buyer’s Agent represent them. It doesn’t cost them anything. The proceeds from the sale pay for the commission on both sides of the transaction. That’s how it works and it’s been that way for a long time. So, again, if you’re buying a home and you’re paying absolutely nothing then why wouldn’t you want a Buyer’s Agent to represent you?

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